How to Get the Perfect Eyeshadow Look?

It takes a lot of practise, dedication, and hard work to perfect your eyeshadow game. But once you’ve nailed it, those years of effort will be well worth it: your eyes will appear larger, elevated, and more young, and people will be unable to take their gaze away from you!

We’ve prepared the definitive list of eyeshadow tips to aid you along the way, from novice to pro (or even certified eyeshadow specialists). Here’s what you’ll need to know: 

Eyeshadow Preparation and priming are the first two things you need to do properly. 

To guarantee that a) the pigment pops, b) the colour is flawlessly even, and c) it stays on all day, prime and prep your lid before using your blending brush.

Eyeshadow Tip #1: Make your eyeshadow a priority. 

Fallout is a common side effect of pigment payback, but it’s a tiny price to pay for strong colour! After immersing your brush in the pan, our first recommendation is to gently wipe off any excess powder. The alternative option is to apply your eyeshadow first, then your complexion makeup, so that any fallout onto your cheekbones doesn’t mess up your cake face. 

Eyeshadow Tip #2: Recognize Your Eye Shape 

When it comes to improving your eyeshadow game, knowing your eye shape is crucial. While certain methods may work and appear insane on one eye form, they may be ineffective on another.

Eyeshadow Tip #3: Consider your eye colour. 

Finding eyeshadow tints and colours that match your eye colour is a terrific method to draw attention to your eyes. 

Tip #4: Choose the proper tool for your eyeshadow. 

A decent pair of makeup brushes will make a huge difference in your makeup skills, allowing you to mix your looks more flawlessly and precisely. Knowing which brushes to use also means knowing which ones to use for more powerful pigment payoff and less fallout, as well as which ones to use for blending and detailed looks.

Eyeshadow Tip #5: Don’t ignore the lower lash line when applying eyeshadow. 

A small amount of eyeshadow on the bottom lash’s outside edge goes a long way. Use gentler tones, such as a soft brown, for an everyday look, and go a shade darker for a more dramatic look. Use a small dense brush to apply, then a slightly larger fluffier brush to blend. Another fantastic suggestion is to use a beige eyeliner pencil to tight line your lower lash line (white can be too harsh) to help open up the eye. 

Tip #6: Define your crease with eyeshadow 

Always define your crease, regardless of the style you’re striving for – from natural to smoky. By blending the shadow into the crease, you may create depth to your eyes and make them appear larger.

Tell us which tip is your favourite!

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