How to make your eyes look bigger?

How to make your eyes look bigger?

The soul can be seen in one’s eyes. And frequently the first thing we notice about someone else. Having larger eyes can completely change the way your makeup looks since they give your face a brighter, more awake appearance. Making your eyes stand out can give your face a lot of structure. However, not everyone is born with large, commanding eyes. Don’t worry; we’re here to help you get bigger, Bambi-like eyes with a few easy tips and tricks. 

– Pruning those brows 

A little brow grooming can go a long way toward giving your face more structure. Spaced-out brows give the appearance of larger eyes. Your eyes will get a lot of attention if your brows are bold, bushy, and well-groomed. You should use an eyebrow pencil to fill in any gaps in your brows. This gives your face more depth and makes your brows larger. 

– Hide those bags under your eyes. 

Your eyes may appear tired and drooping if you have crow’s feet under them. Concealing those annoying dark circles is a quick and easy way to balance out your skin tone and draw focus to your eyes. To cover up those dark circles, start by using the concealer that matches your skin tone the closest. Then, to balance out your complexion, apply a thin coat of foundation. While relaxing at home, you can utilise the Fit Me Finder tool to select the ideal concealer and foundation colour. Use an illuminating concealer after applying foundation to make your eyes even more radiant. To prevent creasing, set the foundation and concealer in place with powdered powder. 

– Keep the bags under your eyes hidden. 

If you have crow’s feet beneath your eyes, you could look tired and droopy. One quick and simple approach to even out your skin tone and make your eyes stand out is by covering up those annoying dark circles. Start by applying the concealer that most closely matches your skin tone to cover up those dark circles. Apply a light layer of foundation next to even out your skin tone. You can use the Fit Me Finder tool to choose the best concealer and foundation colour while unwinding at home. To make your eyes even more dazzling, apply an illuminating concealer after applying foundation. Use powdered powder to fix the foundation and concealer in place to avoid creasing. 

– Out Kohl it is 

Just line the outer portion of your lower lashline with kajal when doing so. If you use kajal to line your whole waterline, they will appear smaller. To open up your eyes and give them a doe-like appearance, line just the outer corner of your eyelids with some black kajal. You can soften the appearance by delicately smearing it with a brush. Additionally, tightlining your eyes will create the appearance of longer lashes. 

– Inner corner emphasis 

Your eyes will truly stand out if you add a little sparkle to the inner corners of your eyes. Putting shimmering eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eyes can be done after applying makeup to your eyelids. Simply use your highlighter and apply some shimmer to the inner corners of your eyes for a more dazzling highlight. 

– Make your own folds 

When doing eye makeup, we enhance the crease by adding a dark brown eyeshadow there. Apply the brown eyeshadow a bit higher when attempting to achieve a huge eye with makeup than you typically would. Your eyes will appear larger and stand out more as a result of this. Add a light shimmering colour to your eyelids and mix it in after applying the crease shade higher than normal. 

– Instead of thick eyeliner, use thin 

Your eyeliner’s thickness will have a significant impact on how big your eyes appear. Applying a thin rather than a heavy line of eyeliner will assist define your eyes. Your eyes appear longer when you add a cat eye to this eyeliner style. Apply a thin line of eyeliner first in the inner corner of your eye, then gradually thicken it as you get to the outer corner. Once you’ve done that, draw a sharp wing, and presto—the ideal eyeliner for large eyes! 

Eyes are gorgeous in all shapes and sizes, but occasionally it’s a good idea to play with your makeup to

enlarge and emphasise your eyes.

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