Best Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes!

What links Blake Lively, our favourite Piggy Chops, and Jennifer Lawrence? Dark eyes! Hooded eyes are as ubiquitous as any other eye shape, yet they tend to evoke an uneasy reaction in most eye makeup styles.

Hooded eyed beauties have always been advised to keep their eye makeup simple and classic. However, let us assure you that hooded eyes also merit your whole attention.

Eye makeup for hooded eyes can be applied flawlessly with the appropriate advice, despite being a tiny bit difficult to work with due to an apparently nonexistent crease. For your benefit, this article concludes all of your Google searches for “hooded eye makeup tips.” Continue reading to learn the best eye makeup tricks for hooded eyes.

Hooded eyes require special attention when applying eye makeup, and there is no common trick for achieving any eye look. Due to the little space on the lids, we suggest not skimping on eye primer because things can become sloppy and smudged too quickly.

Use an eye primer that will serve as a firm foundation for the subsequent eye makeup for a look that won’t go wrong. If you don’t have an eye primer, a concealer can be used in its place. You only need to blend it and then cover it with some translucent powder to finish it.

When it comes to the best eye makeup for hooded eyes, matte eyeshadows triumph over sparkly hues. We like to stick with a long-wear formula that dries to a matte finish because shimmers and glitters are more likely to budge than matte hues. We advise making a few minor adjustments if you still want to give your eyes a hint of sparkle.

Don’t add any glitter to the hood of your eyelids for perfectly decorated eyes. Instead, use a matte colour to highlight your crease and add a hint of sheen to your lids by blending it in with the matte base.

This is one of our go-to eye makeup tricks for hooded eyes because it’s a tried-and-true trick. As we all know, tightlining is a clever makeup technique to get bigger, bolder eyes. Droopy eyes associated with hooded lids should recede when you add some white or neutral-tinted liner to the mix. A new approach to making small eyes look brighter and more awakened is to use white or neutral-colored eyeliner to brighten up any eye look.

Hope it helps!

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