How to choose the perfect eye shadow for yourself?

Even though there are so many beautiful eyeshadow palettes and hues on the market, we rarely use them when we go out with friends or party on the weekends. Indian women will give you a variety of excuses for not wearing eyeshadow, from “that’s too much makeup” to “I’m not sure if my skin colour can carry it off.” But many women would also admit that they are unable to properly apply eyeshadow.

When it comes to applying eyeshadow, there are two things you should know. How to choose makeup colours and apply eyeshadow, to start. We’ll go into detail about the various shades.

We’ll discuss:

How to find eyeshadow hues that complement your skin tone
A brief word on skin tones
How to match your lipstick colour to your eyeshadow
How to blend the hues of eyeshadow
How to find makeup hues that go with your clothing
A more point regarding eyeliners

Your skin has a distinct yellow, ashen, or pink tinge or hue regardless of how light, medium, or dark your skin tone is. An undertone is the name for this colour. Your undertone is “cool” if your skin looks blue or pink. On the other hand, your skin undertone is “warm” if it has yellow, peach, or golden undertones. One is said to have neutral undertones if they don’t have cold or warm undertones.

You can choose palettes that highlight your undertone if you’re picking eyeshadows based on your skin tone. Warm skin tones might choose warm colours like gold, orange, and red to emphasise how warm their skin is.

colours of eyeshadow for fair skin

Try a dull bronze on fair complexion tones with warm undertones. Wear a faded copper to accentuate the pink tones if you have cool skin.

eyeshadow hues for those with medium skin or wheat skin

Warm undertones should show in the form of gold, cinnamon, and warm red hues like rust on medium to wheatish complexion.

colours of eyeshadow for olive skin

Olive skin types frequently contain a mixture of golden undertones with an ashen tint that “cools” the warmth. It’s not precisely a neutral skin tone, though. Olive skin tones could experiment with jewel tones in a cool colour scheme, notably teal. The ashen undertone is emphasised by the turquoise colour without being washed out.

eyeshadow hues for people with dark brown complexion

The undertone of this complexion is neutral, making it neither warm nor cool. You can wear any eyeshadow pallet if you have dark brown skin. Try them all, please!

hues of eyeshadow for dark skin

Metallics and vibrant hues, especially purples, teals, and midnight blue, look especially stunning on dark skin. Women with dark skin, however, must be cautious when using cold tones to ensure that the colour comes out correctly due to the quality of the pigments. Rose gold and coral are suggested by specialists for the warmer side of the colour spectrum.

Stay tuned to know which eyeshadows suit your skin the best.

Hope it helps!

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