Uses of Beeswax in Skin Care

Beeswax has been used topically on the skin since ancient Egypt for a variety of reasons. 

Today, beeswax can be found in a variety of goods, including: 

cosmetics, sunscreen, and baby items 

So, what makes it so beneficial to the skin and how can you utilise it? 

What exactly is beeswax? 

Beeswax, simply put, is a wax produced by bees. To preserve the colony’s honey, worker bees make a honeycomb out of this wax. 

Many beeswax-based beauty products are EWG-certified. This indicates that a product has been verified by the Environmental Working Group to provide customers with a better understanding of its constituents. 

For chapped lips, use beeswax. 

Try beeswax the next time your lips are chapped. You can buy a ready-made one.

DIY beeswax lip balm

Ingredients and supplies

Shop the list by clicking on an item below:

 • 2 tbsp. beeswax pastilles

 • 2 tbsp. shea butter

 • 2 tbsp. coconut oil

 • 5–10 drops peppermint baking oil (optional)

 • clean and dry lip balm containers

 • double boiler pot or bowl

 • paper cup for pouring


You should test for allergies before applying beeswax on your skin. You can do so by performing a patch test, which is applying a dab of beeswax to your inner wrist or elbow and leaving it there for 24–48 hours. 

The following are some possible side effects: 

redness and swelling of the skin 

Itching or a rash, as well as a burning feeling

Hope it helps!

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