Skin Care Tips to Prepare Your Skin and Prevent Dryness This Winter

As the chill in the air starts to make itself known, it’s time to think about what we can do for our skin. Unfortunately dry and dehydrated skin is a problem that occurs year-round but especially during these transitional periods from summer into fall or spring into winter.

During colder months, there is less moisture in the air outside and indoor heating systems can also be dehydrating to your skin. This combination of temperature extremes might make you feel dry with itchy breakouts that are painful and unsightly. Dry air can lead to tiny cracks on the surface of your face which act as entry points for impurities leading to acne outbreaks. It’s important to keep our skin healthy throughout the year. Here are my top winter skincare tips to keep your skin glowing even in cold weather:

1. Drink more fluids
Your skin won’t fool you when it’s dehydrated. It will look dull, tired, irritated and flaky instead of smooth like a baby’s bottom! If this is happening to your face or body in general due to lack of water intake then drink up because the average person needs between 8-12 cups per day according to experts. Even though it’s getting cooler outside, drink more water. You might not be craving a tall glass of ice cold water in the colder months but try room temperature or a warm cup of tea to keep hydrated throughout winter and spring seasons.

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  1. Wear sunscreen
    It might not be warm outside, but that doesn’t mean the sun isn’t there. Don’t skimp on sunscreen because it can still damage your skin even if you don’t feel hot enough to work up a sweat! If you need extra moisture in your winter skincare regimen, look for moisturizing sunscreens or try wearing night cream over top of your SPF 15+. Nighttime creams tend to have richer ingredients good for colder climates and traveling through them.
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  2. Avoid long showers and baths
    On a cold day, nothing feels better than stepping into a hot bath. Be sure to take short baths in slightly cooler water as long exposure to the heat can cause dry skin and strip away essential oils from your body. Use moisturizing bubble baths or shower gels that are sulfate-free and full of moisturizing ingredients like Aloe vera instead!
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  3. Moisturize before going to bed
    There are a few things one should do before they go to bed so that you can have the best night of sleep possible. First, make sure your skincare routine is complete by applying hand cream and massaging it into elbows and cuticles as well. If you get cold at night, wear cotton socks while sleeping for extra warmth!
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  4. Take care of your lips
    Protect your lips from the cold season with a moisturizing balm that includes SPF. Chapped lips are extremely painful when exposed to extreme conditions, and can lead to infections if not taken care of properly. Make sure you protect yourself by using lip balms at all times during this time period!
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  5. Double down on moisturizer
    Double down and be incredibly diligent with your moisturizing products. To take advantage of the absorption levels, apply them after a shower or bath when your skin is damp. Try ingredients like aloe, shea butter, olive oil, hemp seed oil or coconut oils to keep hydrated throughout the day by reapplying as needed if you feel dryness coming on.
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  6. Don’t forget your hands
    To maintain the health of your hands, be sure to moisturize them regularly and reapply throughout the day. This becomes especially important in cold weather when you’re washing your hands more often; carry a travel-sized hand cream with you wherever you go so it’s convenient for quick application.
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  7. Consider adding and changing products based on the season
    In winter, your skin experiences more dryness than in other seasons. To compensate for this try adding a serum to your daily regimen and switch from moisturizing formulas in cosmetics to everything else. In addition, hemp seed oil is great because it provides extra moisture and hydration so add that too! You can buy all the skin care products you need in Rajasthan Beauty Products Store! A one stop shop for all your beauty needs!
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