Why are cotton pads used for makeup removal?

Cotton pads can be used for two purposes: applying liquid cosmetics and removing makeup.

Toners, lotions, moisturisers, and rosewater are all best used with a cotton pad in Korean skin care. Pads are also ideal for removing makeup because they absorb quickly and leave your skin feeling fresh.

Many folks aren’t aware of the skincare application tool they’re employing. They clean using their hands, however others prefer paper, wet wipes, or cotton.

The above-mentioned equipment may appear to be helpful in daily makeup application, but they have limitations.

Cotton absorbs your removal liquid and making it simpler to wipe off makeup when applying and removing makeup by hand. Cotton pads disperse liquids more evenly while applying skin care, ensuring that it is absorbed evenly throughout the entire face. Cotton pads are also more hygienic than your fingers. When you touch your face, the oil and bacteria on your hands might produce pimples or irritation. If you absolutely must use your hands, make sure they’re clean.

Wet wipes: You can choose the skin care solution or removal liquid that is most comfortable for your skin while using a cotton pad. Wipes contain a variety of substances that may or may not be effective in removing oil and debris from your face. Alcohol-based wipes, for example, may be more expensive yet are ineffective at removing makeup.

Cotton rolls: Rolled cotton absorbs liquids efficiently, although it can be inconvenient to use due to stray fibres. Pulling the proper amount of cotton from a tightly packed roll can be difficult. When you rip a piece off, many fibres will fly into the air and stick to your fingertips. You may clean your face with a cotton pad without having to worry about irritating fibres.

Cotton balls: Cotton balls absorb liquid well as well, however due to their shape, the majority of the liquid remains trapped inside the ball. By keeping more liquid on the surface where it is utilised, a round or square cotton pad can help you save money on cosmetics. Cotton pads are also safer than cotton balls, which can contain polyester, artificial colouring, or fibres that can leave a residue on your face.

So, how do you apply and remove your makeup?

Cotton Pads for Cosmetics are the ideal solution for a cosmetic accessory!

Hope it helps!

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