Barva Cosmetic Products

About Barva Cosmetics

‘Barva’ in Sanskrit is ‘goodness’. Their products are filled with natural goodness, safe to use and affordable. Easy to apply, multi-tasking products, for daily use.

Barva clarified butter range has skincare and makeup made using cow ghee & kokum butter that work wonders for your skin. The flowery aroma of the makeup and the citrus scents of the skincare will work wonders for your wellbeing!

Choosing a product for our skin & hair is serious business. Irrespective of our gender or age, we seek something that is safe, trustworthy, and reputed. Barva Skin Therapie offers a wide range of natural skin care and herbal makeup product products that put all these three doubts to rest.

Barva Skin and Hair Care Products are made using organic ingredients that are certified. Nature’s bounty has an abundant source of the best materials that have shown excellent results, used by many, through generations in India.