The Ultimate Guide to Nail Art for Beginners

Interested in learning how to paint your nails like a professional? Look no further! Here is everything you need to know about nail art for beginners.
We have all seen those beautiful pictures on Instagram or Pinterest of people’s fingernails and toes with unique designs, right? Well it turns out this has actually become quite the trendy thing globally- so much that there are tutorials available online which will teach you exactly what tools & products are needed as well as step by step instructions. If starting such an artistic skill interests you then we highly recommend trying it out; after reading through these steps one time we were hooked!

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What is nail art?
Nail art is a creative expression of the human body. It isn’t just about painting your nails and being done with it, but rather taking what you have and making something out of nothing by simply using tools like paint, brushes for details to make an interesting piece that represents not only yourself but also another time in history. Nails can be anything from single colors representing simplicity or themes going as far back into ancient times such as when Egyptians painted their fingernails black because they believed people needed shade once entering the afterlife which was ruled over by Osiris who had black skin!

The history of nail art
The Incas were the original trendsetters of nail art, decorating their nails with pictures of eagles in what was considered modern day history. The method to do so has been passed down through generations and today can be traced back 7,000 years from India where henna dyeing became an essential part of women’s beauty routine. Women around the world slowly began creating ways to add color on fingernails as time evolved but it wasn’t until the 15th century that a more detailed process developed into our definition for “modern-day” nail art. The last century saw Revlon releasing the first nail polish in the 1930s, which spurred more businesses and people to hop into this skill. Fake nails were brought forth by the 1950s. By 2000’s, it led into the new movement of Nail Art with various colors and creative methods becoming unlimited each day!

Supplies required to do nail art
This guide contains a list of tools and items that will help you nail your next manicure. The different types include dotting tools, striping tape, studs, rhinestones etc., so there’s something for everyone!

Base and Top Coat Nail Polish
Whether you plan on using nail polish or other decorative elements, it is always good to have a base coat. A base coat will smooth out any imperfections and give your nails a clean canvas. Some bases can double as topcoats too which protect the design from chipping away throughout the day.

As with other methods or art, you will need an array of brushes. While most polishes come with a brush attached to the lid, it is essential to have more than that one: included brushes are used for full nail applications so you’ll want something smaller and finer for detail work at least. There’s no shortage of shapes either – get this pack which comes in three different sizes/shapes if unsure how they differ from each other (or what difference any shape makes).

Nail polish remover
To start off a new creative project, you will always make messes. Luckily, nail polish remover is here to help! There are two main types of nail polish removers: acetone and non-acetone based. Acetone can remove the polishes faster but may damage your nails over time while non-acetones target glitter more effectively without damaging your nails as much or at all.

Nail Filer
It might be surprising, but a nail file is an incredibly versatile tool. Whether you want to shape your nails or shorten them if preferred (which I think we all know some people do), the application of this product will leave both hands and feet looking great! And did I mention it’s affordable? 10 for Rs.100 sounds like a steal compared with any other pricing options out there. Also, have you been wanting to channel those sassy ladies from old movies who delicately slide their own fingernails across glass tables as they pass by – well now’s your chance!

To take your nails to the next level, you’ll need other decorative elements such as rhinestones and stickers. You can use these by themselves or apply them over top of polish for a more vibrant look. Since these elements are relatively small, consider using tweezers or similar tools for accuracy when placing on nails. In order to take your nails up a notch, you will need rhinestones and stickers. You can either use one or both of these elements by themselves on top of the polish for more vibrancy in color. For this process, consider using tweezers (or another tool) since it is difficult to place them with just fingers due their small size.

While a manicure kit may not be necessary, it does have tools that would make your hands look nice and neat. A UV nail lamp will dry the nails faster than air-drying them; cuticle remover can clean up around your fingernails so they don’t get caught on anything while you’re doing activities; a buffer is great for smoothing out ridges or filing down sharp edges if needed – this one has two speeds to accommodate different needs! The striping tool and dotting tool are both good ways of adding an extra flare to designs (stripes & polka dots) without getting too complicated with freehand drawing skills.

Image Credits: https://images.totalbeauty.com/uploads/editorial/articles/nail-art-tools-at-home-manicure-thumb.jpg

With endless sources for inspiration and nail art becoming easier to do, you can get salon-quality nails at home with some practice. With a plethora of creative media like tutorials on youtube and accessories available from stores such as Sephora, all that is in between you are your dedication! Hopefully this guide will help anyone new who wants to start painting their own nails into the best hobby ever.

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