Easy and Quick Makeup Looks you must try in 2022

Even putting together simple makeup looks may seem tiring after the year we’ve had. But the truth is that all you need are a few products and a few minutes to get back into your old beauty routine. Prepare to dig up your treasured foundation, concealer, mascara, lipstick, and eye shadow as the world slowly reopens. 

These looks are anything but ordinary, with glittery eyelashes and red lips.

Prepare to be inspired as you scroll through these makeup techniques.

Glossy eye makeup is a lovely but understated way to draw attention to your eyes. The focus of this look is on brightness and glow, as well as getting more light into the eye area.

Apply your favorite lipstick hue like a just-bitten stain for a unique look. I use a matte lip color with a lot of pigment. 

Makeup that is slightly balmy also works.

One of the makeup trends that will never go out of style is glowing skin. While makeup can help to enhance the dewiness, Cheng believes that the key is to focus on skin preparation. Smooth any dry spots using a mild exfoliant.

If you’re pressed for time (or room in your makeup bag), utilizing the same color for your eyes, cheeks, and lips is a quick and easy way to look put together. This is one of my all-time favorite makeup looks.

This green cat eye is more proof that minimal makeup doesn’t have to be dull. Simply switch out your black liner with a brighter colour.

Berry lips have the same impact as red lips, but they’re a touch more unexpected.

Our greatest advice for getting a flushed look is to use the same shade all over the face to create a homogenous look. It brightens up the face and makes that one hue really stand out. Don’t be hesitant to apply a pigmented blush; simply adjust your tools to gradually build up the colour until you’re satisfied.

Which one is your favorite?

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