Do THESE things before sleeping at night!

It’s far too short to be exhausted all of the time. And you’re too busy to stay in bed any longer than necessary. 

The logical response to these realities is to improve the quality of your sleep by squeezing as much rest and energy as possible from each hour spent in bed. Of course, proper sleep is essential, but healthy, successful people understand that a few easy steps can help them wake up rested and ready to go. That’s why they do these things every night before going to bed.

sleep schedule

Make a schedule. 

Setting a consistent sleep pattern and sticking to it, even on weekends and holidays, is the first and best move you can take to start sleeping better. Don’t try to break your own beat for the finest outcomes. Some people are wired to sleep in later, while others are wired to get up early. If at all possible, respect your body’s desires. 

Turn off all of your electronics. 

The blue light emitted by your computer and other gadgets can keep you awake, so turn them off an hour or two before bedtime (this can also help you cleanse your mind of the day’s worries).


Your subconscious mind is a strong tool that may assist you in making difficult decisions and coming up with novel ideas while you sleep. However, you must ask it for assistance and take the time to listen to its responses in order for it to do so. You can set aside some time for some free writing or simply think on the challenges you’re dealing with, the day that’s gone by, or your goals for tomorrow. Alternatively, try a short meditation routine. 

Create a bedtime routine. 

Your body and mind require a signal that it is time to sleep, so create a routine of soothing activities that you can do each night to serve as your own personal off switch. Reading and having a hot bath are both beneficial.

Don’t be concerned. 

It’s excellent to have a regular sleep routine, but don’t be a slave to it or worry if you don’t fall asleep at the “correct” hour. If you haven’t fallen asleep after 15 or 20 minutes, get up and do some more of your favourite pre-bed relaxation activities. 

Whatever you do, don’t get caught up in the time.

Have a great sleep!

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