Best Hair Colours for Indian Skin Tone

You want to appear hip and distinctive. And the best method to achieve so is to add some hair highlights to cover up your natural hair colour. Don’t just choose any hair colour, though. You must pick a hair colour that complements the tone of your skin. Melanin is a pigment that is present in everyone’s body. Our skin, eyes, and hair are each coloured by a pigment called melanin. Additionally, it controls how your skin will alter in colour under various environmental situations. We all have varied skin tones due to variances in the quantity, distribution, shape, and size of the melanin in our bodies.

The most crucial aspect to take into account when colouring your hair is the colour of your skin. While the appropriate hair colour can improve your appearance, the wrong skin and hair colours can completely change your appearance and make you appear weird.

Because what looks beautiful on Caucasian women could not look good on us, it is crucial to pick the proper colour. To start, knowing whether your skin tone is warm or cold will help you choose the right hair colour. Finding your skin tone is as easy as seeing how you react to the sun. If you burn red under the sun, you have a cool tone, but if you tan, you have a warm tone.

Hair colour options

You can adopt hair trends, but make sure they go well with your skin tone. Different colours look excellent with warm and cool tones.

• Choose a hue that is either darker or one or two shades lighter than the colour of your natural hair. Another option is to select a colour that complements the hue of your eyes.
• Choose warm colours like copper if your skin has warm undertones. Cool people should select neutral hues like walnut brown.

Hope it helps!

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