What is a Lipstick made up of?

Although lipstick is the most widely used cosmetic product in the world and an important part of a woman’s makeup, few people are aware of its composition. We’ll look at the ingredients in lipstick in this article.

Lipstick is regarded as the most necessary makeup item, and no woman can live without it. It’s something that most women use on a regular basis, but have you ever pondered what it’s made of? Depending on the brand, make, and colour of the lipstick, the ingredients may differ. All lipsticks, however, have some common components, with some containing natural or organic compounds as well.

Lipstick was first used for make-up by the ancient Egyptians, who employed henna or crushed insects like cochineal beetles to create crimson lipstick hues. Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi, an Arab Andalusian cosmetologist, was the first to invent solid lipstick. Queen Elizabeth popularised it even more by making a fashion statement with her blood-red lips.

Because lipstick is ingested unwittingly in minute amounts, the raw ingredient used to make lipsticks must be approved by the FDA. The following components are found in lipsticks, however, their proportions and amounts may vary.

Wax- The wax used in lipsticks is made up of three different types of wax: beeswax, candelilla wax, and carnauba wax. Candelilla wax is made from the Candelilla shrub’s leaves. Carnauba wax is a form of plant wax made from the leaves of Brazilian wax palm trees. It costs more than beeswax and candelilla wax. As a result, lipsticks with a higher percentage of carnauba wax are more expensive. Wax is a component that allows the lipstick to be moulded into its distinctive shape.

Oil- It is the addition of oil to lipstick that gives it its sheen and transparent appearance. Lipsticks contain a variety of oils, including castor oil, vegetable oil, lanolin, and mineral oil. Along with these oils, cocoa butter is used. Oil and wax are key components, accounting for roughly 60% of the total weight of the lipstick.

Dyes and Pigments- These are used in lipsticks to provide the lipstick the proper colour or tone. Bismuth oxychloride, manganese violet, titanium dioxide, D&C Red No. 6, D&C Red No. 21, D&C Orange No. 17, and D&C Red No. 34 are some of the dyes used in lipstick. Plant pigments or a combination of chemicals are employed to create the pigments.

Fragrances and alcohol- The wax and oils required to make lipsticks are dissolved in alcohol. The fragrance is used to give the lipstick a nice scent and to hide the odour of other chemicals.

Antioxidants and Preservatives- The lipstick contains preservatives and antioxidants to extend its shelf life and prevent it from becoming stale or rotten.

Pearl essence- Pearl essence is not made by crushing pearls, despite its name. The scales of shimmering fish like herring are used to make pearl essence. Pearl essence is a pigment found in lipsticks with a pearl or shimmer appearance.

Lipsticks may also contain silica and mica, in addition to the substances listed above. Lipsticks with emollients such as vitamin E, shea butter, and aloe vera are added to make them more hydrating. Many lipsticks contain natural components like jojoba oil, chamomile oil, and organic colours like turmeric extract and beetroot extract.

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