What Every Beginner Needs in Their Makeup Kit?

The world of makeup can be fun for beginners, but it’s also overwhelming when you see hundreds of different products. Do you really need three shades to cover your under eye circle? Putting together a beginner-friendly kit is the first step towards achieving flawless beauty looks. Here are some essential items that every beginner needs in their arsenal today!

  1. Primer
    A makeup must have, face primers are a great way to achieve smooth and even skin which is important for applying foundation. Face primers also improve the longevity of your overall look by ensuring that your favorite products stay on throughout the day. From dewy finishes that add radiance to dull looking skin or color correcting formulas designed to cancel out redness under eye circles, there’s something for everyone depending on their unique needs!
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  2. Liquid Foundation
    Foundation is a versatile product that can be used for both everyday and heavier looks. As a beginner, use medium to buildable coverage foundation so you have options depending on your needs.

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  3. Concealer
    On days when you need to cover up your blemishes and undereye circles, reach for a lightweight concealer that doesn’t feel thick or greasy. You want it to blend seamlessly into your complexion so people can hardly tell where the problem areas were in the first place!
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  4. Setting Powder
    Even after you apply your foundation, concealer and mascara to give yourself that perfect look; it could all go down the drain if you do not set them with a powder. Loose powders are great for achieving an airbrushed finish but can get messy when used incorrectly so we recommend adding pressed or compact power in your makeup kit as well since they will help keep the shine at bay without ruining everything else underneath.
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  5. Blush
    The best way to give your face a healthy glow is by using blushes! Blush adds colour back into the skin, which enhances one’s complexion. For this reason, it’s important that you invest in quality products so you can experiment with different shades and find something unique for yourself.
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  6. Contour
    The next step in bringing some depth and dimension to your face is by using a contour stick. Contouring sticks are also the best makeup product for beginners as it gives you more control over how much of this foundation-like textured cream you apply on your skin. Creamy contour sticks blend easily, making them perfect for creating soft or subtle looks depending on what look suits you most!

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  7. Highlighter
    Highlighters can help you transform your makeup game, no matter if you prefer a natural or full-glam look. Whether mixing highlighter with foundation for radiant glow from within or adding it to powder to create blinding lights depends on preference and the desired outcome.
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  8. Eyeshadow Palette
    Even though you may think that creating a beautiful eye makeup look is difficult, we promise it’s not. It all starts with simple warm brown eyeshadow shades applied to your crease for an immediate transformation of everyday makeup looks!

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  9. Eyeliner
    So, if you are a beginner to eyeliner application and do not want to use the difficult liquid liner just yet, try sketch pen or pencil eye liners! Both of them will make your eyes look bigger than they already are.
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  10. Kajal
    Are you not convinced with the results of eyeliners? Swap it for a classic kajal! You can define your eyes and enhance their beauty, no matter how skilled in makeup. Make sure to find the best product that matches what you’re looking for so this must-have item becomes part of your kit, wherever life takes you.
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  11. Eyebrow Pencil
    There’s more than one way to ensure your brows are on fleek. Rather than using an eyebrow pencil and drawing in each hair, you can use the same product as a liquid eyeliner for quick touch ups when you’re late or just want to change up your look!
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  12. Mascara
    Whether you want to make soft, fluttery lashes like an everyday look or long and voluminous ones that resemble false eyelashes – every eye makeup is incomplete without mascara. It’s usually best if you take your time learning How To Apply Mascara so it doesn’t end up with clumpy spider-like lashes instead!
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  13. Lipstick
    With so many different types of lipsticks on the market, it can be difficult for a beginner to choose which lipstick will work best with their skin tone and lifestyle. We recommend adding two matte lip colors – an everyday creamy formula in bullet format as well as bold liquid color suitable for special occasions – into your makeup kit. If all previous experiments have left you feeling frustrated with smudged or bleeding lips that leave behind stains around your teeth, then this is the perfect collection!
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  14. Makeup Tools
    With the top beauty products that your makeup kit is ready with and a few tools, you will be able to apply them flawlessly. You’ll need a Beauty Sponge for foundation or concealer application as well as some makeup brushes in different shapes and sizes so you can blend out any harsh lines from whatever product you’re using
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Must have makeup brushes –

Foundation and concealer brush

Powder brush for setting powder and blush
Highlighter brush

Fluffy crease brush for your eyeshadow crease shade

Flat eyeshadow brush for your eyelid shade

Small, dense blending brush for the outer corner of your eyelid

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