Tips To Prep Up Your Skin for Navratri This Year

Navratri, one of the most important festivals in India that marks the beginning of the festive season, starts today. A largely celebrated occasion where women dance to songs and meet new people who they may potentially date or marry during this festival. This is also a chance for them to make their skin look good as well by using special products which are specifically designed keeping Navratri needs into consideration such as garba oils and face packs with honey extracts. However, many women worry about how it will affect their skin since they have not been able to effectively prepare beforehand due to hectic work schedules before holidays begin. There is a lot that you can still do to make sure that your skin is glowing all through the 9 days of Navratri. Here are some foolproof skincare tips that you should follow.

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Drinking ample amounts of water is the first trick to glowing skin. Drink juices, coconut water and more to keep your body hydrated. This will give you a natural glow from within that can enhance any makeup look done on top of it. So increase your fluid intake by at least one liter every day! When I do my makeup for events or photoshoots, I already know how stunning it’s going to be because my foundation goes on smoothly over moisturized lips and cheeks (and eyelids).

Get enough sleep to avoid getting eye bags

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To get rid of puffy eyes and eye bags, you should sleep more. Doing so will give your face a natural lift that makeup can’t do while simultaneously hiding the signs of fatigue from lack of rest. You could also try placing tea bags on your eyelids to reduce puffiness because they have cooling properties due to their ingredients such as caffeine or essential oils like mint which promote relaxation.

Always go for waterproof makeup

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Now that Navratri happens in October (when humidity is at its peak) and the dancing makes you sweat excessively, it’s important to go for waterproof makeup. It will keep your eyeliner, lipstick and foundation from smudging or running down your face due to all this sweating. Don’t let the weather play havoc on your makeup! You can buy waterproof makeup at Rajasthan Beauty Products in Pune! A one stop shop for all your beauty needs!

Apply light foundation

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If you are going to be a bystander or the queen of your dandiya night, it is always better that you use light foundation. Don’t go all out with your foundation because when you sweat, this will start looking cakey. So opt for an easy-to-apply makeup product like foundations instead if opting for heavy makeup products doesn’t suit the event’s environment at hand (i.e., outdoor).

Make sure your back is waxed and polished

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With Navratri around the corner, it is time to get rid of those pesky back hairs with wax. This will allow you to wear sexy blouses without worrying about revealing your modesty and making sure that any breakouts from shaving occur in advance so they don’t ruin your dandiya or garba party. You can buy wax pearls and makeup at Rajasthan Beauty Products in Pune! A one stop shop for all your beauty needs!

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