The cheapest and easiest way to soothe and tighten skin at home is to ice it. 

While summer is often when people want to cool off, ice your face is good all year. The DIY skin treatment is not only simple and inexpensive, but the results are also shocking (in a good way). 

#SkinTok has recently been flooded with videos of people using ice cubes, ice rollers, and globes, but the routine has long been employed in spas (think cryotherapy, CoolSculpting, and spider vein removal) and has been a cornerstone in nations like Korea. 

Ice is an useful skincare treatment since it lowers irritation and redness while also tightening the skin.

Who can Put Ice on Their Face? 

The good news is that anyone can apply ice to their skin. The procedure is safe for all skin types and tones, according to Dr. Lal, but long-term use can cause fat inflammation (panniculitis) or skin dyspigmentation, especially in persons of colour. 

You can use ice cubes, ice rollers, or cryo globes every day, as long as you don’t leave them on your skin for too long – and remember to clean them afterward. After each usage, Rackley suggests wiping them down with 70% alcohol.

What Happens If You Ice Your Skin? 

Even better news: icing your face produces immediate, albeit temporary, results. However, this makes it a quick and simple treatment to perform before a big event. 

After I’ve iced my face, what skincare products should I use? 

“After you’ve soothed and cooled the face with your ice roller or cold globe, top it off with any moisturising, healing, or plumping serum or moisturiser to give the skin a wonderful glow,” Rackley advises. 

When it comes to things to avoid, Dr. Lal advises avoiding using acids after ice because your pores will be constricted, causing irritation.

We hope it helps!

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