Rica Avocado Oil After Wax Lotion


Rica Avocado Oil After Wax Lotion nourishes and hydrates your skin thoroughly after waxing by using the moisturising properties of avocado oil. This rich mixture promotes healing, keeps skin from drying out, and eliminates wax residue efficiently. It leaves your skin feeling silky, supple, and glowing, making it ideal for average to dry skin.

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For dry, thirsty skin, this lotion with avocado oil infusion is a post-waxing treat. With no uncomfortable pulling or stinging, the smooth texture instantly comforts your skin and removes wax buildup. Deep hydration, healing, and prevention of dryness are all facilitated by the nutritious blend of avocado oil and other components. Bid farewell to dry, itchy skin and welcome to a glowing, healthy complexion.

How to Use:

  • After waxing, apply a generous amount of Rica Avocado Oil After Wax Lotion to the treated area.
  • Massage gently into the skin until the lotion is fully absorbed.
  • For optimal results, use Rica pre-wax and post-wax products for dry skin.


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