New Year.. New Skincare Routine!

The month of January is ideal for new beginnings. It’s a time when individuals are excited to try new things and change up their routines. However, if you’ve been using the same skincare routine for years, you might want to switch things up this month. 

Here are a few reasons why we think January is the best month to start a new skincare routine. 

It’s a new beginning. 

New starts bring new ideas and an open mind to try a new routine or change what you’re already doing. A fresh start also means you have the energy to delve a little deeper into some of the skincare treatments and see if they work for your skin type.

A new routine is more likely to stick with you. 

The fresh start of a new year can help you stay motivated to keep your resolutions. This energy can also be used to explore a new skincare programme. When you use that kind of motivation to try a new routine, you’re more likely to remember it and stick to it until you see results. 

You have a laid-back social schedule. 

You’ll have more time to rest this month as your social calendar relaxes. You don’t have to stay up late or apply cosmetics on your face, which can be harmful to your skin’s health. You’ll have more time to try new skincare products or adjust your skincare routine with fewer social engagements.

With a relaxed social calendar, you may also relax and de-stress your skin, making it easier for it to absorb and replenish lost nutrients. 

Your skin will be summer-ready. 

You’ll have enough time to nourish your skin when you start a new routine this month. By the time summer arrives, you should be able to see the fruits of your labour. When it’s time to trade in your heavy coats and jackets for bikinis and summer wear, your skin will be in great form. 

The Optimal Skin-Care Regimen 

It takes more than soap and water to maintain good skin, so make an effort. For a change in January, try this routine:

Cleanse every night to get rid of grime, oil, and makeup. If you have sensitive skin, use a gentle cleanser. 

Moisturize – Even if your skin is oily, you need moisturise to prevent it from drying out. 

Sunscreen – Sun damage is the leading cause of ageing skin, therefore using sunscreen is essential, especially in the winter. 

Essentials — Because everyone’s skin is different, incorporate serums, essential oils, and other items into your daily routine. 

Makeup will never trump bright, radiant, and blemish-free skin. As a result, seek advice from a board-certified dermatologist to learn new skin-care techniques.

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