Must Have Salon Equipment!

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out in the business, there are some basic tools that belong in your kit. We’re talking two pairs of shears for all hair types and lengths, an effective yet lightweight blow dryer to ensure locks stay healthy-looking from start to finish, a versatile curling iron perfect for every occasion – whether it be beachy waves at the shoreline or voluminous curls on prom night – as well as various widths such as 1/2 inch large barrels which helps create bouncy undone waves. You should also have one razor with blades specifically designed for cutting curly hair so those pesky flyaways can finally get clipped away! The paddle brush is another essential tool if you’re looking. 

The perfect hairdresser’s tool kit should include a variety of products to take care of your clients. Make sure you invest in the essential tools for maintaining, cutting and styling hair! To make it easy for any aspiring hairstylist out there looking to grow their business, here are a few items that we always find myself reaching into every day at a salon:

All-Purpose Shears
Did you know the standard size of shears hairdressers use is between 5.5 inches and 6.5 inches? A shorter length, like a 5 inch blade, works well for precision cuts while longer blades work better with bigger jobs like cutting big sections or texturizing hair; they also make it easier to cut around your client’s face! We love our shears here at the salon. They are versatile tools that can handle any job from detail work to cutting one-length styles with ease. Our favorite is a professional 6 ½” shear which will not only be comfortable enough for you to use every day but also big enough so you won’t have trouble handling larger jobs like layering techniques!

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 Blending Shears
A blending shear is a versatile tool that can be used to control texture and remove weight quickly. They have evenly spaced teeth on one side with a blunt blade for shaping hair on the other. Blending shears are designed to be versatile, and many stylists will use them for everything from cutting out the weight of a shape (to make it more manageable) to texturizing or shaping. For best performance, you want your blending shear blades convex with opposing grip handles so that they can easily cut in both directions without switching hands.

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Powerful Yet Lightweight Blow Dryer
What’s a hairdresser without their blow dryer? They might be out of work. Next to your shears, the most important tool in our kit is light and perfect for any job. You want something that won’t feel like you’re lifting weights at the end of the day so look for cutting edge ionic technology which speeds up drying time, reduces damage, and leaves locks looking shiny and frizz-free with ceramic tourmaline! This professional grade ionic blow dries weighs less than one pound but delivers powerful airflow whilst being whisper quiet too!

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Curling Iron
As a hairstylist, we can’t stress enough the importance of having an iron in your kit. The best type for beginners is a 1″ curling iron- it’s versatile because you don’t have to worry about creating tight ringlets or big waves with this size as long as you know how to use it correctly! You’ll be able to create everything from loose curls all the way up to polished and sophisticated hairstyles. We recommend using what professionals already do: marcel irons are great because they offer more control over styling techniques than spring curlers which makes them perfect for those who want variety when doing their hair at home!

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A razor is one tool that’s a must for removing hair quickly while building incredible texture. Want hair with a lived-in look that’s not so clean and precise? Use this razor! For more versatility, you might want to look into getting an interchangeable blade razor which will work well on your straight-razor cutting, blending and texturizing needs. Ergonomic finger design helps reduce strain—a considerate feature of the next purchase in any good vanity kit!

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Paddle Brush
When it comes to quickly and safely detangling hair, the right paddle brush can make all of your dreams come true. The wide surface allows for a more comfortable brushing experience that leaves you with less breakage as well. Look out for cushioned bases made from silicone or rubber designs infused with tourmaline bristles (which create more tension).

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The Right Combs
A variety of combs will make any job easier—creating clean sections when cutting, coloring or styling hair; scissor-over-comb or clipper-over-comb techniques; and separating, straightening and styling the hair. A Comb Set featuring a tail comb, a short cutting comb, a long cutting comb and a wide cutting comb will cover all of the bases. Choose ivory with black colors to maximize visual contrast between dark and light hairlines! Also look for professional combs crafted from carbon fibers silicone graphite resins, these types offer smooth glides possible up to 450 degrees of heat.

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 Sectioning Clips
If you’re looking for an easier way to section or isolate sections of hair, then look no further than the humble clip. Whether it’s while styling with clips before blow-drying your locks into a sleek updo, creating new lowlights in less time when doing home color treatments, or cutting and drying strands dry without worrying about pesky lines created by other tools like combs – there are so many uses! Dry clipping is especially helpful because it can be used on wet hair as well but will still leave your style crease free and pristine due to its strong grip that won’t damage delicate tresses.

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Water Bottle
It can be tiring to hold a water spray bottle for an extended period of time, and it’s difficult to saturate the hair with light sprays. The latest trend in salon equipment is dedicated handheld bottles that are perfect for those who need a quick fix or want more control over how they apply their product- whether it’s dampening excess oils on skin or refreshing tired strands after hours under dryers!

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The Perfect Round Brush
A round brush is an absolute necessity when it comes to executing flawless blowouts, but the size of a barrel can make all the difference. A small barrel is best for styling short hair and creating volume at your roots; a medium-sized one creates fullness closer to the scalp while also offering versatility in styles like loose waves or straight looks with body. Plus, if you have fine locks that look too flat without any lift near your crown area—a large-barrel brush will give them some much needed bounce! Not only does this versatile tool help create fuller looking strands on their own, choosing between nylon and boar bristles allows you to get maximum volume as well as shine out of every style.

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