How to delay your period?

If your period is painful, you’re going on vacation, or you have a big event coming up, you might wish to postpone it. There are numerous ways to postpone, omit, or even completely stop your period.

You might be concerned about how delaying your period would affect your regular menstrual cycle. We’re here to offer you the guidance and assistance you require.

ways to postpone your period

There are numerous strategies to put off your period. These consist of:

the use of norethisterone

using the combination pill for contraception

The phasic contraceptive pill and the progestogen-only pill (mini pill) are two additional methods you might be able to use to delay your period, but the results on periods can vary.

You could be unsure of how to take period-delaying medicine and whether these approaches are all secure. Below, we’ll walk you through this. Read on if you’re interested in learning more.


We provide the prescription drug norethisterone, which can be used to postpone your period by up to 17 days. A progestogen is something like norethisterone. It functions by artificially maintaining high progesterone levels. This delays your period and prevents the shedding of your uterine lining.

Norethisterone use to postpone periods

Start taking Norethisterone three days before the start of your menstruation, and keep doing so for up to 20 days. 2–3 days after stopping Norethisterone, you’ll start your menstruation.

Is it safe to use Norethisterone to put off my period?

Most women can safely use norethisterone on occasion. It shouldn’t be consumed frequently.

It’s crucial to consult your doctor before beginning since some women may not be able to safely use norethisterone. Our specialists will ensure that Norethisterone is safe for you if you ask for it from us.

You can take two packets of the combination contraceptive pill back-to-back with the majority of brands. You should prevent experiencing the withdrawal symptoms during that week by avoiding the 7-day interval. For more details, read about the pill used for birth control and period delays.

In order to maintain high levels of oestrogen and progestogen in your body, take two packets of the combination pill back-to-back. This stops the shedding of your womb’s lining. Your hormone levels will drop after you finish the second pack, and you’ll experience withdrawal bleeding.

Hope it helps!

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