Everything you need to know about Revlon

In 1932, Charles and Joseph Revlon founded a company with the goal of providing customers better quality nail enamel in more colors than any other brand at that time. The brothers were distributors for Coty Cosmetics who created their own line called “Revlon” to compete with them. They developed a new process using pigments over dyes which allowed richer color options without sacrificing durability or strength on nails. Their business flourished into what we now know as one of the biggest cosmetics companies today!

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In the 1950s, Revlon began promoting new colors for their products twice a year around times associated with fashion industry clothing announcements. During this time, they also started advertising on television and in the 1960s aggressively attacked international markets using models to introduce the American look across the world. In early 1997, Revlon Inc. merged its existing retail business Prestige Fragrance and Cosmetics into The Cosmetic Center. This new cosmetic center offered a wide variety of cosmetics at low prices – it is an independent subsidiary of Revlon inc.

It has a market share of more than thirty percent in the United States alone, making it one of the leading companies in this industry worldwide! The key to Revlon’s success lies with its constant innovation and ability to keep up with consumers’ needs by providing new product lines while improving existing ones at all times—after all, who doesn’t like trying out something fresh?

In the mid- to late 1990s, Revlon’s basic business strategies were to expand sales through mass market outlets and introduce new products with unique consumer benefits. One of the most successful examples of this strategy was its creation in 1993 of a patented polymer that led to what it called “won’t rub off, won’t kiss off” lipstick.

Revlon’s first foray into the lip color market was with a brand of lipstick called Ultima II Lip Sexxxy which they marketed to an exclusive group of high-end retailers in 1994. However, after witnessing its success Revlon brought it out as part of their mass line under the name Revlon ColorStay and quickly found that it had become one of their best selling products across all markets in only three years’ time; according to them this is because “it stays on longer than any other leading luxury product”.

Here’s a list of must have products from Revlon:

  1. Super Lustrous Lipstick in Fire & Ice
    This classic lipstick is forever and has been infused with vitamins to ensure smooth smooches. The 1950’s Shade of Rouge from Revlon was a massive hit, which led it being dubbed as “forever”.
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  2. ColorStay Liner
    With a 16-hour long wear time, Revlon’s Smear Resistant Eyeliner is perfect for the night owl who finds herself going from work to happy hour and beyond. The pencil has rounded tip that offers precise application so you can up your game as soon as you clock out of the office!
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  3. Motor Power Hair Dryer
    The 3-in-1 styling tool will improve your blowouts and make it easier to create a chic look. The triple baked ceramic coating ensures that the iron distributes heat evenly, so you’re not left with frizzy locks after using this product. You’ll save time on getting ready in the morning because of how quickly this dries hair!
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  4. Tourmaline Ceramic Soft Feel Curling Iron
    This hair straightener will take 30 minutes to heat up. It provides strands with a quick recovery and knows when it should shut off on its own, which is great for those of us who are forgetful about turning these tools off before leaving the house!
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  5. ColorStay Makeup for normal to dry skin
    You can’t beat the coverage of ColorStay! This liquid foundation is made with a SoftFlex SPF, so it’s perfect for those that have normal to dry skin and lasts all day long. It locks in your makeup instantly when you apply it- what more could we ask for?
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  6. Porcupine Round Brush
    Your hair dryer and your brush are like heroes. You want a sidekick that is able to speed up the process, so you will not waste as much time drying your hair while getting ready for work in the morning! With Revlon’s ball-tipped boar bristles, it helps quickly and efficiently dry strands of my long blond hair; therefore I am saving more time every day instead of wasting precious minutes just waiting around.

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