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M·A·C is the world’s leading professional makeup authority because of our unrivaled expertise in beauty. We celebrate diversity and individuality—we are for all ages, races, genders! Our community has a vast amount of talented artists working together to bring this vision to life. M•A•C often collaborates with leaders from fashion like designers and models on runway shows around the globe as well too so we’re always staying up-to-date on trends.

M·A·C has been backstage at fashion weeks around the world setting trends, and today it means so many things to its millions of fans in every corner of the planet. However, a global beauty phenomenon has to begin somewhere!

Backstage M•A•C makeup brand sets trends at fashion weeks all over the world making this meaning different for their million fans across various continents; but one thing is clear-it started from somewhere.

Make-Up Art Cosmetics was created in Toronto, Canada by founder Frank Angelo and make-up artist/photographer Frank Toskan. The two were frustrated with the lack of makeup that photographed well so they decided to create their own line of cosmetics which started out being sold from an actual salon counter directly to artists, models, photographers etc… Soon stylists and fashion editors got involved as magazine credits began adding up along with word-of mouth popularity soon M·A·C launched in March 1984 at a department store’s counter top.

When M·A·C first opened, it was known for its chic utility and matte red lipstick. While other major makeup brands at the time were predominantly skincare companies or used light powder to create a natural look, M∙A∙C chose instead to establish itself as an ultimate color authority by having professional makeup artists wait on customers. One of their most popular offerings was intense matte red lipstick that got another boost when Madonna wore one in pictures promoting her album “Like A Virgin” before she became famous. Their approach is described as being “chic utility” with dark pots containing the actual product rather than compacts like competitors’ products had which made them more accessible for touch-ups throughout the day but also harder to carry around.

They took the industry by storm, offering a wide range of products that blended street savvy with glamorous style and panache. Behind the counter at M&M was notably different – rather than driving sales through traditional promotional techniques, they relied on product integrity instead. Adding to their image (of success) is a touch of outrageousness: Company honours individuality & self-expression above all else; brought drag/theatre into sleek stores + department store counters.

M·A·C is a globally recognized makeup company, which has been an integral part of the Estée Lauder Companies since 1994. As one of their many products M·A•C continues to develop new lines and collections every year in order to meet the demands from both consumers and professional make-up artists alike.

Collaborations with famous names from popular culture, art and fashion include Rihanna, Lorde, Proenza Schouler to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. These continue to enhance M·A·C’s relevance and reach while their makeup Artists are rock-steady backstage at over 200 fashion week shows around the world working with Prabal Gurung or Vivienne Westwood. This secures them as the worldwide leading beauty trendsetter!

Here are the best range of MAC products that you must have in your grooming kit-

1. Blush In Desert Rose

Image Credits: https://cdn03.nnnow.com/web-images/large/styles/6NM4F9O109T/1620899321661/1.jpg

MAC powder blush is available in a wide range of colors with varied textures and finishes. Desert Rose provides the perfect mix of muted pink color, matte finish, and intense pigmentation – all providing an amazing look that lasts all day!

  1. Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation
    Image Credits: https://cf.shopee.com.my/file/7810bf3e471a3fdb9b9919c5c563047cA one-step product that evens out the skin like a foundation and sets the makeup like powder. This two-in-one product gives you an amazing flawless look with medium to full buildable coverage, which stays up to seven or eight hours. You can use it by itself for sheer coverage or over your favorite foundation for more color correction!
  1. Prep+Primer Fix Plus
    Image Credits: https://assets.myntassets.com/h_1440,q_100,w_1080/v1/assets/images/220738/2020/6/15/8b32f353-3189-4b82-9a6f-937a058eccff1592214516880ColorbarPerfectMatchPrimer30ml1.jpgFix Plus is a lightweight face mist, enriched with vitamins and minerals. It also contains cucumber and green tea to soothe the skin, chamomile which reduces redness on the face as well as decreases sensitivity; it hydrates your skin too restoring lost moisture while making you look more natural by giving an overall hydrated feel without fixing makeup that much since it’s mainly meant for skincare benefits rather than just highlighting them through foundation or anything like that.
  1. Fluidline Brow Gelcreme
    Image Credits: https://assets.myntassets.com/h_1440,q_100,w_1080/v1/assets/images/1902856/2017/11/28/11511863398313-MAC-Women-Eyebrow-Enhancer-8591511863398338-1.jpgThis brow gel is perfect for creating any shape you want with your eyebrows. The product’s waterproof formula allows it to stay up to ten hours, and can be applied easily using an angled brush. Whether you prefer subtle or dramatic looks, this gel-based eyebrow cream will help define the shapes of your dreams!
  1. Pro Long Wear Concealer
    Image Credits: https://5.imimg.com/data5/KO/GY/CO/IOS-93978710/product-jpeg-500×500.png

M.A.C Pro Longwear Concealer is a lightweight concealer that delivers medium to full coverage and conceals dark circles, fine lines, imperfections, and skin discoloration. The smooth matte finish gives you optimal comfort throughout the day so your face can look its best no matter what life throws at it!

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