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No matter where you are in the world, daily life is packed with countless plans and endless to-do lists. Between friends, family, college or your job – it can be hard to catch a break. But we know that even though juggling all these things seems effortless for some people they don’t always have time for themselves. We understand that you’re busy. You may not have time to spend hours on your makeup every day, but we think it’s important for looking good anyway! MyGlamm is a new online store backed by one of Europe’s largest natural beauty companies and they worked with global experts and professional make-up artists to create products which are fast & easy ways for customers like us to look glamorous.

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For those who love makeup, but hate how time-consuming it can be to apply every day, MyGlamm has created products that allow you to simplify your routine. They have combined all of the steps into a single product and made changes in texture and packaging so they are more user friendly than other beauty products on the market today.
Myglam is an Italian German company focused on making women’s lives easier through their innovative makeup line which reduces both effort for daily application as well as minimizing what needs to fit inside one’s purse by creating new textures packaged with precise applicators never before seen in cosmetics!
We are making sure that makeup is the last thing you have to worry about. We’ve got a wheel applicator for your eyelids, as well as mesmerizing powder in pencil form and five of our face products conveniently packaged together—so there’s no need to stress over what color eyeshadow or mascara goes with which lip gloss!

Use their products guilt free
MyGlamm is 100% cruelty-free and enriched with special minerals, vitamins, and oils. The European formulations use the finest ingredients that both nature and science have to offer – like Jojoba oil, Argan oil, Tropical Plant Oil nourish skin while advanced formulas deliver a long lasting smudge free rich color pay off for high impact makeup on the go. Easy to use/carry these are purse essentials; your go-to makeup staples for glamorous looks all day long.”

Here a list of must have MyGlamm products-

LIT matte lip liner

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Add a bit of color to your lips with the dark red shade LIT Matte Lip Liner in Bae, or be daring and try out the bright pink hue of LIT Matte Lip Liner in Sass. These lip liners are vivid pigmented, prevent feathering for up to 5 hours which will give you a beautiful matte finish!

Jet set eye Kajal- bleu

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Define your eyes with MyGlamm’s Jet Set Eyes Kajal in Bleu which is a saturated blue kohl stick that doubles as an eyeliner. This makeup product glides on effortlessly and is waterproof, smudge- and transfer-resistant.

Spotlight illuminating highlighter

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This highlighter by MyGlamm is a sheer powder that will give you a luminous glow. This product adds some shimmer to your features and makes it look like there’s a light coming from within you, which gives the impression of looking healthy on camera or in person!

Satin Matte Lipstick- lust stories

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For the love of red! LIT Satin Matte Lipstick in Lust Stories is a berry shade that’s lightweight and long-lasting. Bring out your unapologetic side with a shade that’s made to grab everyone’s attention.

You can buy the latest range of MyGlamm products at Rajasthan Beauty Products Store in Pune! One stop shop for all your beauty needs!

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