Beauty hacks for quarantine life

As a woman, the beauty routine is often a time consuming and expensive part of your day. In fact, some days it feels like most of your day. But during times where you can’t leave your home, for instance due to quarantines or natural disasters, this becomes much more difficult. Here are some simple hacks that allow you to still enjoy looking and feeling beautiful when there’s no one else around but you!

  1. Skin detox

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Skin detox water is the key to clear skin and purify your insides. You can make this drink by mixing lemon, mint leaves, and cumin seeds in a glass of pure water. Drink it for one day and also apply twice daily on your face to get clean pores free from any dirt or oils that cause acne! Along with drinking tea at regular intervals which will help you dump coffee habit away because coffee does not have many health benefits as compared to these other drinks while giving more stress than relief apparently.

  1. Healthier Options
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    If you’re always on the go, a healthy lifestyle can seem like an impossible task. But you can change it slowly but surely! Replace unhealthy beverages such as soda or coffee with water iced tea instead. Try infusing lemon slices into your drink for added flavor too! 

Instead of reaching for processed snacks that are full of artificial ingredients and sugar look through recipes online; there might be one that is exactly what you need when hunger strikes. Keep natural goodies like apples nearby so they’ll be more tempting if cravings strike which will help prevent overeating at mealtimes later on.

  1. Apply on the skin as well

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    You can apply these fruits on your skin in addition to eating these fruits, crush all of the fruit that you eat and keep it inside this jar. Wash for 10 minutes every day by applying juice or mixture made from oats / rice powder / red pulse power/. Apply a pack before taking a bath and wash off while going to take a shower. It is important not to use dirty knives when cutting up any type of food because they could lead germs into other foods which may make people sick. Apply fresh fruit directly onto skins if desired, and be sure to use only a clean knife.  
  2. Fibre 
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    Fiber is a key component in any diet, and it’s easy to add more fiber into your day. Simply try using multigrain or millet flour instead of white bread when making sandwiches for lunch, enjoy some nuts as an afternoon snack with some hot water mixed with jasmine tea leaves or green tea powder (one teaspoon per cup), then finish off the day by drinking coconut water which has been reported to help weight watchers shed pounds because its high concentration of natural sugars helps break down fat cells during digestion. 
  3. Green Tea Therapy

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    For a quick and economical solution to under-eye bags, try green tea therapy. Brew the perfect cup of fresh iced green tea then place it in the fridge for 5 minutes until cold. Place half on your eye area (including problem areas) with an ice cube or two while you sleep, once per night. For those struggling with under-eye bags who want a fast and affordable remedy that is also easy on their wallet – look no further than home brewed “green” iced tea! Simply brew it up using loose leaf black/oolong organic teas such as earl grey which are high in antioxidants found naturally occurring during fermentation processes; let cool five minutes before placing them into the refrigerator overnight so they can chill properly. 

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