Beauty Basics: Makeup Essentials for Beginners


We all remember our firsts, and if you’re new to the world of makeup, that includes the first time you applied foundation, unsure if it was the perfect hue match for your skin or if you should discard the brush in favour of a beauty sponge. While it’s wonderful to try on makeup for the first time, selecting the appropriate beauty items can be difficult.

With so many brands and formulas to select from, any beauty newbie might easily become overwhelmed. So we asked the expertise of Jessica Kendall, a hairstylist, makeup artist, and the owner of Beauty Asylum, to offer us the dos, don’ts, hows, and whys in our ultimate beauty guide.

What Makeup Should a Beginner Purchase?

While you may be tempted to stock up on the current beauty crazes, any seasoned artist will tell you that the road to makeup mastery begins with a solid understanding of the fundamentals and an understanding of what each product can genuinely achieve for you. The ultimate makeup must-haves for novices are listed here.

Primers are sometimes ignored, especially by cosmetic rookies, yet they are an essential component of any makeup kit. Consider it a kind of Photoshop for your skin. It evens out your skin tone by filling up big pores, wrinkles, and other blemishes, giving you with a flawless and even canvas on which to apply makeup.

When it comes to foundation, selecting the proper shade for your skin tone and avoiding the dreaded “cakey” look are two absolute musts. It’s possible that you’ll have to try a few different creams before finding the right shade for your skin tone, so do your homework. Fortunately, many companies now provide a wide range of hues to match every skin tone.

Concealer is an absolute must-have in any woman’s makeup bag, and we couldn’t agree more! It’s a multi-purpose product that can conceal discolouration, fine wrinkles, age spots, and other blemishes around the eyes while also acting as a base for eye shadow, lipstick, and even contouring.

It’s time to add extra drama and dimension to your canvas after you’ve primed and refined it. A superb bronzer is in my top five must-have products, emphasising the importance of adding colour to a washed-out skin. How can this be accomplished without going overboard? To give an instant pick-me-up, We recommend dusting a little bronzer into the hairline, over the cheekbones, and down the neck.

A neutral eyeshadow palette that can transition your look from day to night is a must-have in any cosmetic bag. Taupes, bronzes, browns, and cream-colored shadows work well with all eye colours and skin tones, as well as for producing natural, barely-there daytime looks and glitzy nighttime looks.

If you’re having trouble lining your eyes, know that you’re not alone. Eyeliner application is undoubtedly the most difficult (and frustrating — winged eyes, anyone?) step to master, with some people giving up entirely. But bear with us. An eyeliner may effortlessly convert your style from day to night by adding sultriness and shine. A pencil eyeliner is frequently the ideal choice for novices because it is less finicky and allows you more flexibility.

After spending so much time and effort creating the ideal appearance, the last thing you want is for your makeup to start slipping off before you even get to work. This is where the setting spray comes in. A few spritzes at the end of your beauty regimen can keep your makeup in place and prevent it from fading, peeling, or smearing. Setting sprays, like other makeup products, come in a variety of colours and textures. Choose one that gives a layer of hydration or a dewy finish if you have dry skin. A setting spray with a dose of SPF is always a smart option for daily use.

So how many of these products do you have?


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