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Indrani Cosmetics, one of the first pioneers in manufacturing cosmetics for women and men alike. The company has a large line-up consisting of over 100 products aimed at all skin types as well as product lines to target specific needs like acne prone or aging skin. All their ingredients are carefully sourced from trusted producers who use natural resources only with no harmful chemicals that may result in rashes or allergic reactions on sensitive skins which is why we pride ourselves on our trustworthiness among customers throughout India .

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Indrani Cosmetics was formed on 21st July 1993. They have 102 products available within their extensive range according to customer’s specialties such as acne prone or aging skin , made using high quality ingredients without any harmful effects such as allergies, rashes, etc. We use the best quality ingredients for making our products. We believe in using high-quality materials, not just to make profits but because it’s what we do and stand behind every day; this is reflected throughout all of our product lines as they’ve been tested extensively before hitting the market. Our constant urge for research has brought us new innovative ideas which have kept us around 25 years strong!

Our Mission
Our company’s mission is to improve the lives of people through our beauty products and make sure we are using high-quality ingredients. We believe it’s more important that our customers feel safe when they use these quality products than making something just for money. With safety in mind, all of our cosmetics go through rigorous testing before being released on the market so you know what you’re getting into with us!

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Our Founders

Mr. Dilip Gugle, CEO
Dilip studied at Fergusson College in Pune and Ahmednagar college for a year before joining Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) where he graduated with B. E Chemical Engineering in 1982. During his final years, Dilip participated in Soap Manufacturing competition which got him interested on the cosmetics industry so after graduating from MIT 8 years later, he formed Indrani Cosmetics to create new cosmetic products for modern use through innovation based off research carried out by himself.

Mr. Sammet Gugle, Marketing Head
Mr. Sammet took a qualification in Public Relations from London College of Communication, University of Arts London and made positive steps to the drastic makeover for his company with this belief that “Being Different” is key. Mr. Sammet has successfully added uniqueness to even their smallest products giving them an aesthetic look like no other brand on the market today!

Mrs. Suwarna Gugle
Suwarna Gugle, a graduate from Psychology and 97% in Cidesco’s exam is an explorer/discoverer of beauty therapies for beauticians across the country. With 29+ years worth of expertise & excellence to her name, she formed ‘Indrani cosmetics’ alongside her husband along with 61+ products curated successfully so far.

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Product Range

Crafting and delivering the best quality professionally made products at affordable prices is how we prove to people that our ethics are strong, as well. With a strong belief in high-quality materials with minimal environmental impact, all of our goods are crafted using utmost care while maintaining competitive prices through bulk purchasing power. Indrani Cosmetics knows that you deserve only the best. With their 100% toxin-free and cruelty free products, they can help your skin look its absolute best! Have a look at their BEST SELLING range of products:

-Premium Shampoo
-Aritha Amla shampoo
-Chocolate Wax
-Herbal Shampoo
-Cuticle cream
-Rose water
-Rose cleansing milk
-Aloe Vera Shampoo
-Almond Cream
-Golden Bleach
-Apricot Scrub

Third party manufacturing
Certain brands outsource their product manufacturing due to certain technicalities and lack of capabilities. We cater to these brands by providing the best formulations and final products, which is why they rely on us for our quality services instead!

You can buy the most premium range of Indrani cosmetic products from Amazon, Flipkart, shopclues, Paytm, Bigbasket, LBB, etc. and get it right at your doorstep!

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