What is Potpourri?

You must be familiar with potpourri if you enjoy fine scents and décor. It’s simply dried flowers with a scent, and they look lovely when placed on centre tables or other areas of your home, providing beauty in addition to fragrance. But how can you correctly use them and make use of the enormous packs they come in?

The term “potpourri” refers to a variety of herbs, spices, flowers, and essential oils preserved in an open bowl. As natural room fresheners, these can be used anywhere, including the home or business. The French invented potpourri and have been hanging dried flowers in bowls in their homes ever since. This practise has gradually spread throughout the world.

Get your hands on geranium leaves and herbs like eucalyptus, rosemary, sage, or thyme if you can. 


When creating a potpourri, these components are the most crucial. They retain the aroma of the combination in your bowl and slowly release it into the vicinity. They make sure the potpourri endures for a long time. You can make use of cellulose, vetiver (the root of the sweetgrass plant), and iris (the root of the florentine iris).

Essential Oils There are a huge variety of essential oils on the market right now. You can combine these and test different combinations to determine which is best for you and get the best potpourri for yourself!

Where to keep Potpourri?

centre desk 

The potpourri bowls should be placed here since, in addition to being attractive, their aroma will refresh you or your guests as you sip tea or coffee. 


You can make little potpourri sachets with the scent you prefer and put them in your drawers and wardrobes to give your garments a natural scent or perfume. You can also put them in your shoes, coats, storage units, and bags. 

Your Home’s Front Door 

Adding hanging potpourri as the final step in updating your home’s entrance will complete the transformation.

Hope it helps!


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