Nail art has become the trend of the times as of late. It is the greatest way to embellish our fingers in order to turn them into very tiny, but expressive canvases. The recently Instagram and Pinterest advancing has only furthered up the tendency where we continuously see numerous nail designs created by the artists that are carefully selected based on your taste and fashion style. No matter whether you really an old-style fashion-lover who loves to go well-coordinated, a minimalist who prefers clean lines and subtle decor, or a free shaper who just wants to try bolder colours and stunning patterns, imposing emulator gives you a unique and cheap possibility to bring the self-expression in your style to a new level.

Introducing however extreme beginners might end up getting bewildered when entering into this brilliant world. I mean, there are too many techniques, tools and varnish colours but of course, picking only the best is a delicate art. Stop and say to yourself, novice nail designs masters! It is through this guide that you are handed the necessary tools (both figuratively and actually) required to take your first steps into the vibrant realm of nail art, be it the very simplistic techniques or the intricate designs that unleash your inner artist and pave the way for your artistic voyage. Try your hands on this skill and coup up those fingers to force your inner artist out to create small pieces of fantastic that you hope will be admired on the fashion runway on account of the personality branding.

Building Your Nail Art Armoury

Before diving into dazzling designs, let’s explore the basic tools and supplies you’ll need to create stunning nail art:

  1. Base Coat:This invisible shield plays the role of protection for nails from staining and provides immaculate nail polish application. An invisible shield is a barrier which prevents nails from staining and provides smooth polish application. Opt for a polish which is tailored to prevent chipping and fading of the colour, thus enhancing the manicure duration.
  2. Nail Polish:Watch on the bright side my dear TMIB is back on stage! When choosing lacquers, do not forget them both to have the best quality and colour. Choose from thick-bottled lacquer polishes which are superior in pigmentation than those that require several coatings. What better way to jazz things up, than incorporating various finishes such as crème, shimmer, metallic and matte in your design plan? Bear in mind to look out courage to work with colour! Develop a suit for your everyday where neutrals such as white, beige and rose gold would work beautifully and include your bolder colours for special occasions or to show your style.
  3. Top Coat:It puts the finishing touch to the concept and seals the deal. Seals the deal is an idiom whose meaning is related to the final decision. Select a quick drying top coat, which contains a glossy shine and which prevents your nail art from fading or chipping and thus maintaining a professional look. Think about a thinner (top) coats equipped with glossy, matte or high dry time which you will finally see as your choice in this look 🙂
  4. Nail Polish Remover: Well, I am sure even a constable get into a hurry and bump into a policeman from the other side. Select a nail polish remover that does not contain acetone. Otherwise, the cuticle beds of the nails would be dried up and this decreases the shelf life of the manicure. Acetone-free removers are not only kinder to your nails but also sad lower levels in many cases, they are packed with ingredients such as Vitamin E & botanical oils to keep the nails moisturised.
  5. Nail Art Tools (Optional): These tools will not be essential for creating good designs, however, they will allow you to expand your own creativity and skyrocket your design.
  • Dotting Tools: From a simple polka dot, through marbled, flower and other fine details enjoy painting your world that way. Tools that jet the ink are available in different diameters and can be used for creating a diverse variety of patters. Moreover, you are encouraged to test all the possible ways of creating dots of different sizes, random swirl and even markings similar to some petals.
  • Nail Art Brushes: The finely-pointed art brushes create straight lines, intricate designs and detailed paintings are believed to leap through one’s fingertips. Try different sizes of the brush and varying points to draw different aesthetic effects. For painting the fine lines, stripes, spirals, and silhouettes a fine detail brush would be a much better choice. A striping brush, which possesses a large amount of long thin bristles, will cause you to portray a clear-cut line for the creation of geometrical patterns. Walk through about painting in French tips or one-stroke flower designs using your angled brushes.
  • Nail Art Stamps: Nail art stamping makes the elaboration of sophisticated artwork particularly easy and fast even if observed from the point of view of person just starting his first experiment. Having a stamping plate with numerous images and a stamping tool you can stamp patterns onto your nails like a child hands over warm-sweet pan. On the stamping plate, pick your design you want to do, then carefully place polish on it, and after that, roll the stamping material on your nail and say farewell to dull nails. Nail stamping brings well-defined and accurate details of favourite designs or patterns in seals without sacrificing the precision of free-hand-drawing ability.
  • Nail Art Tape: Get a neat, sharp, and crisp lines, or negative space designs, or even get chevron look by taping your nails. Tape nail art comes in an exciting range of widths, colours and patterns, too, allowing for a diverse creative choice of motifs. Applying the tape in the required pattern, then covering it with your desired colour paint and removing it, hoping to reveal crisp, sharp lines and shapes, you may create very nice patterns. While taking a statement and changing it to the present tense. Ions move in opposite direction issues due to the personification of an inanimate object giving it a potential and emotional component to the story that transcends its original theme.

Mastering the Nail Art

To guarantee a perfect result, a good base of the colon is a basic requirement.

Dab on a thin layer of the colour polish that you have picked. Begin with a light application, which will dry more quickly and minimize smudging. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. You can always add another thin layer of polish for full coverage but make sure that the brush is not loaded with too much polish at once.

Use the “three-stroke” technique. Apply polish in three strokes: a straight strip down the middle of the nail followed by one stroke on either side. This will enable uniform application and eliminate build-up around the edges.

Eliminate overspills and unevenness with a cotton swab that has been immersed in acetone-free nail polish remover. Be swift before polish dries fully.

Go ahead and do a top coat for a glossy finish and extra protection. After the previous coats have dried, apply the final coat. A good top coat does more than just add a shine but also saving your nail art from chipping and fading.

Remember, Practice makes perfect! Don’t be bothered if the first tries of nail art aren’t as nice as in the salon. The more you exercise yourself, the more proficient and self-assured you will feel about different methods and equipment. You will see how to be a nail art expert in no time with being patient and using your imagination.


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