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1. BANANA WAX: This comes with an appealing scent and yellow tone on display that delights the senses with its natural sweetness. It hydrates and moisturizes the concerned surfaces with ease. Besides, it’s the quickest hair removal option.
2. NOURISHES YOUR SKIN: It is a great exfoliator that also helps in oil control. Banana wax makes your skin smooth and shiny plus the silica in banans helps to increase collagen production which are the natural proteins that help to keep the skin hydrated and smooth.
3. LONG-LASTING SMOOTHNESS: It’s a safe and sure method to remove unwanted hair from the body as it is gentle on the most sensitive skin, removes tan, brightness the skin, and leaves smooth, glowing skin.
4. HOW TO APPLY: For best results, apply wax in the direction of hair growth. Take an adequate amount of wax on a table knife, and spread it evenly over the target area. Press the wax strip firmly then pull the strip swiftly in the opposite direction.
5. SUITABLE FOR: This wax is suitable for dry skin and easy to apply. It is recommended for body use only, not for the face, underarms, bikini, and other sensitive areas. It is an ideal wax for hair removal at home for both men and women and all kinds of skin and hair types.


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