About Glam

Founded in 2003 and acquired by Static Media in 2022, Glam is here to be your ultimate resource for beauty, lifestyle, and fashion. We know you’re busy — that’s why we’re cutting through the noise and delivering you everything you need to know to feel and look your best. Before we go any further, let’s get one thing out of the way. Yes, we are a beauty brand, and yes, we are incredibly passionate about things like chic manicures and busting skincare myths. However, at our core, we believe every person’s relationship with beauty is ultimately their own to define, and we fully recognize that living a glam life goes well beyond just how you look in the mirror. Our mission is to equip our readers with up-to-date news, fact-based information, and inspiration that empowers them to build a life they love. For us, that means tackling makeup, skin care, nutrition, style, relationships, parenting, and career in a way that is as informative and useful as it is relatable. Like our readers, our editorial team consists of people who bring different backgrounds and experiences with beauty, and together we want to make it more attainable for everyone. Whether it’s keeping you on top of the latest makeup trends, showing you how to apply foundation like a pro, helping you understand the difference between retinoid and retinol, or preparing you for your next career move, we’re here to guide you through it all.