Argan Deluxe Professional

About Argan Deluxe Professional Products

Argan Deluxe Professional Hair Care products are made from Argan fruit sourced from Morocco. Argan, the liquid gold, has been used in skin and hair care products for centuries in Africa. Argan gives Argan Deluxe Professional Hair Care products their unique smell and characteristics. These products are free from harmful chemicals that damage your hair.

With Argan Deluxe Professional range, your hair are a single wash away from ordinary to extraordinary. Our purpose is to make exclusive products available to you, products that make a difference in your daily life, products that make you feel confident.

Argan Deluxe Professional range has made its way in the hair care regime of some of the top celebrities in Pakistan. Now you can have salon hair care experience at your home. Say goodbye to bad hair days and confidently wear the crown you never take off.

Argan Deluxe Professional, Keratin Deluxe Premium, Jalea Real Deluxe Professional Premium and Macadamia Deluxe Professional are Premium hair care brands of Colornow Canada Ltd. We offer wide variety of Shampoos, Conditioners, Hair Masks, Hair Styling Products and Hair Oils. We aim to provide one stop solution to all your hair care needs

Organically formulated, enriched with natural oils, essential vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids, this is an ensemble of products that are developed in a protected environment and clinically tested for their excellent results.