About Us

Our Story

Rajasthan Beauty Products began its journey in the beauty world in 1985.  Our founders Dilip Gugle and Suwarna Gugle worked tirelessly to open their own beauty store. Having had a previous job for two years working in a chemical company, Dilip Gugle always wanted to start his own business.  So on 1st May 1985, Rajasthan Beauty Products came in to being and was the first fully equipped beauty store in Pune.   Having started with humble beginnings , today Rajasthan Beauty Products is a three storied beauty store keeping multiple brands and products.

Our Mission

Our company’s mission is to improve the lives of people through our beauty products and promote the best quality, ethically made products at sustainable cost. We pride ourselves on our quality. We believe that its more important to be ethical and make quality products than making something just to make money. Our products are ethically made with utmost care and best quality ingredients. We don’t believe in adding harmful chemicals to cosmetics. Customer safety and satisfaction is at the forefront of our mission and we take it seriously.